Ed Bridge

As a guitar teacher I emphasize proper left and right hand technique. I teach harmonic ear-training, i.e. the ability to identify a chord progression and notate it, so that you don't have to rely on awful guitar tabs that are never correct! I like to teach rock guitarists some classical pieces and I also encourage classical guitarists to learn a few old rock songs that they always wanted to play, but I will only teach what the student loves to play. I enjoy teaching singers who want to accompany themselves on the guitar, and I encourage all of my guitar students to sing, and if you hear me sing, you'll know I don't teach vocal technique!



As part of the lesson my students have the option of making demo CD's of their playing. Recording is one of the best ways to perfect your work, because you listen to what you're really doing, hear what you really want to do and do another take until you get it.  The most important point that I like to convey to prospective students is that during our sixty-minute lesson, I will focus with them on whatever music they want to play. I am also a good consultant for the guitarist who needs advice about guitars and amplifiers.

Standard rates are $45 per hour or $25 for a half hour lesson.

For more information please contact bkm@bridgekaldromusic.com.




Ryan Flack

Ryan Flack teaches Guitar (electric and acoustic), Drums, and Bass Guitar. Ryan holds a bachelor's degree in Music from Liberty University and has extensive experience in live performance with many instruments, as well as studio recording. After college Ryan worked as the director of music and creative arts for 7 years in a large church where he was trained on the job in all aspects of arranging music, leading bands, and live sound mixing and recording. He worked as a guitar instructor through the church for a few years prior to becoming an instructor at Bridge Kaldro Music. Lessons will focus on a holistic approach to music including technique, music theory, playing improvisationally and learning to play your favorite songs.